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Welcome to the website of Eqilibre - Heaven Man Earth Brussels

School nei gong, taiji quan (tai chi chuan) and meditation.
The E-qi-libre name refers to the free (libre) flow of Energy (E), chi (qi) in the body. The practice of taiji quan plays an important role as it will help dissolve blockages caused by stress in particular, events or habits.
The Chinese symbol Eqilibre means "being".
Being in agreement with itself, do what they say, practice what one preaches, live and be the values that we defend or offers.
Finding harmony between what one thinks, what one says and what one does.
But "being" is also finding its place as a human being and feel in peace, balance and harmony with others and the natural environment; the red-brown color representing just rooting and stability.

Our Eqilibre School is affiliated with Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts International. "Heaven man earth" refers to the concept of the Taoist triad "sky-man-earth", which fixes the right place of man in the universe.

Heaven Man Internal Arts International was created and is directed by Sifu Adam Mizner, a disciple of the great masters of traditional Taiji quan, whose teaching is fildele to the most authentic art.
The association brings together schools in many countries, in Europe, the United States and Australia.

Upcoming events :

03 March : workshop taiji quan, 37 form, first part (beginners welcome)

17 March : workshop, working by pairs
In taiji quan, the two-man work is important, it allows to check his balance, to test his posture, to measure his state of relaxation and to feel his energy level. During this workshop you will discover fun exercises allowing you to understand the principles of the pushing hands.

06 to 16 of June : seminar in Symi (Grèce)

20 - 21 -22 of July : seminar in the Castle (Belgium)

The workshops will give the Sunday morning, without exception, in our center in Ruisbroek (10 min of Brussels).
Registration is required (at least 4 days in advance), the minimum number of participants is 4, maximum 10.
Schedule: 9:30 to 12:30
Participation: 40 € (water and tea provided)

Our school Eqilibre is affiliated to Heaven Man Earth
Internal Arts International

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Eqilibre is a member of Synergies, a Belgian association of Chinese martial arts.