taiji quan & nei gong


The affiliation to Heaven Man Earth is annual and set at $ 99 (about 85 €).
This affiliation is intended for the development of the association as well as the improvement of your teachers.
At the affiliate, Eqilibre offers the following benefits:
Hme white home

Access to an "Affiliates" area containing learning videos (unit value: 15 €) as well as information documents.
Participation in a Sunday morning workshop (value: 40 €).
A t-shirt with the Heaven Man Earth Brussels logo (value: 20 €).

To join us, click on the logo.
Then, new user registration, then complete the various fields and in the list of teachers, choose Thierry Costa (important).
As soon as we have confirmed your registration, you will receive access to our videos and you can register for free at a workshop.
You can also specify the size for your t-shirt.
Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Rates (valid for classes in Ruisbroek)

Nei Gong class (qi gong), duration 1h: 12 €
Taiji quan (tai chi) class, duration 1h: 12 €

First trial class: free!

Card of 10 classes 1h: 105 €
Card of 10 classes 2h: 155 €

You can only follow the nei gong course but if you follow taiji quan classes, it is strongly recommended to follow the nei gong followed by the taiji quan.

The same card can be used for Monday evening, Wednesday morning and Wednesday evening classes