taiji quan & nei gong

Individual Education

Taijiquan students are not all equal before learning. Indeed, whether because of age, body image, coordination, constraints of professional and private life, a more auditory or visual memory ... it's obvious that we do not learn at the same rate and in the same manner. That is why the teacher individually pass each class with all students to customize their education. We want to give maximum chances of evolution to our students.
Furthermore, our classes never exceed 15 students per teacher to avoid overcrowded classrooms and improve the attention given to each.

Posture tests

Learning of Taijiquan is something fine that can hardly be described. Very quickly the best way to learn the right movement (rooting, body alignment, relaxation, intention, ...) will feel the tests by working with a partner. These tests will help to give the movements of the form their energy and martial efficiency. Indeed, every movement of the form of taiji quan has a practical application in combat. If a posture cannot be used, the posture is clearly incorrect.

Work during the class and at home

Ideally the study of taiji quan is not limited to the current group. The progress is achieved through a balance between work and in personal work home to deeply integrate the basic principles.
Taiji quan and Chinese health techniques (Qi Gong) are in the air. Many people think so in good faith to obtain improved their health by practicing these techniques. We must not forget however, a crucial aspect for a chance to be effective, they must be practiced correctly and consistently (better than 10 minutes per day 60 minutes per week). We can easily understand that it is difficult to lose weight by dieting or they change their habits during one meal a week! This works the same way with the taiji quan.


No need to have expensive equipment, simple loose clothing that allows you to move freely and small flat shoes, sneakers or Chinese style slippers are enough.