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All started with a white sheet ...
One day, a student who regularly travel in Symi and has a house there said to me "I miss taiji classes when I'm over there." The following week, we were in front of a blank sheet of paper on which I began to write how to go there, what do we need, what hotel Contact ... and a date was found for a first seminar. The beginning of a great adventure, I will come for the 16th time in Symi!
Eqilibre is not a travel agency, we do not take care of the complete organization but we put you in contact with our partner, the Opera House hotel and we communicate what booked flights. Once there, apart from the practice of taiji quan and qi gong, you are free to choose your own activities or stay in a group for mountain walks, swimming, lazing, all of the island boat tours and more.

Example of a typical day in Symi:
- 7:30 breakfast on the terrace
- 8:30 to 11:30 taiji quan and qi gong, or on the hotel terrace or at the beach or another shady spot
- Foot walk or taxi-boat to a beach where we take lunch
- swimming, well deserved rest
- 6:30 p.m. taiji quan, repetition of what we have learned in the morning practice form
- 7:30 p.m. it is time to get ready for dinner in one of the many restaurants on the island
- For those who wish, ambiance, dance ...

For the less athletic, no worries, most trips can be made by taxi or taxi-boat.

Every afternoon the program varies over the week there is also a day of rest, you can enjoy it to the island tour by boat, in the opinion of participants, it is always a great experience.
The course includes 5 days of taiji & qi gong.

You have never practiced, no problem, the course is open to beginners unless otherwise stated.

Symi, where is it?
Symi is a Greek island part of the Dodecanese in the Aegean Sea, it is located 41 kilometers from Rhodes or 1:30 boat (or 50 minutes).
There are only 2600 inhabitants in Symi, but in high season can be counted in more than 25,000.

Some testimonials:
My week in Symi in July 2015 proved to be an unforgettable experience: a dynamic group which received a VIP welcome in an enchanting setting, not to mention the right to education and Thierry patient. Participating in this course is an essential step in learning to practice. Roll on the next course.

Danielle, Brussels

Internships in Symi? Magic!
It's simple, close your eyes and imagine yourself on a beach facing the deep blue Aegean Sea,
the sun and just a gentle breeze to practice taiji.
After the course take your mask, snorkel and fins and dive to the bottom of the sea to look for sea urchins.
With Prévert under the arm go "Walking horse drive and sailing boat" stroll.
This course joins the pleasant pleasure. Courses are professional while remaining casual, public utility to perfect his taiji.
Internships in Symi is 100% power, 100% Qi also should rename the island Qimi.

Virginie, Brussels
I really liked Symi. Magical week seminar because the place is beautiful ... Three hours every morning taiji, island discoveries in the program every afternoon on foot, by boat, by bike, by bus, by taxi. ... because our instructor knows every corner of the island and made us share his shots heart with great sympathy and relaxation.
I return with joy.

Micheline, Beersel

Symi is simply Wow!
A week of taiji on a beautiful island . Sometimes on the hotel terrace with stunning views of the colorful houses which rise on the hills above the harbor. Sometimes on a beautiful beach at the edge of a crystal and turquoise water.
The Grand Master, as he is known, conveys his knowledge and passion almost casually playful. Attention, it is still very professional even on vacation!
It is also an opportunity to meet new practitioners from other country clubs. This is what creates the dynamics of a very nice group in a more than friendly atmosphere.
Thank you for this beautiful experience, I keep a memory of exception!

Lina, Brussels
Five good reasons not to miss the appointment in Symi:
1) to make his taiji in the morning on the large terrace surrounded by colorful houses, very close or more distant (and looks like a Nativity summer version)
2) to browse its karst landscapes both arid and captivating, and Homeric reminiscences
3) to dive and swim in a sea of unforgettable tones decorated by very intimate micro-beaches - absolute bliss
4) to explore the island on a scooter or a tour by boat, and breathe the intoxicating scent of wild herbs with that of the sea
5) to enjoy the balanced mix between old and new, locals and tourists, spontaneous and commercial - what a luxury.

Lorella, Brussels

Take time to make time to live the present moment, savor it, enjoy it, share it, still retain a little better enjoy. Soak slowly energy taiji under the watchful but benevolent eye of Thierry, and end gradually, at times, by the feel of the interior and live for good. Then, between two sessions of taiji (4 hours per day, it is not nothing!), Refine the art of relaxation, the art of doing nothing but to do well: read a book upside down, bubbling aimlessly in the sea, admire the breathtaking views between the ears of a curious goat came stroll near my deck chair, enjoy a small plate drizzled with retsina, chatting endlessly, get to know the Symiotes and height of delight for me, put on my walking sandals for walking the surrounding hills, balancing on rubble.
The back is a little hard of course, but my small suitcase made me a wink to say that, more than x times sleep, and I'm leaving .... :) Thanks Thierry

Pascale, Beersel

Video: on the terrace of the hotel Opera House, morning practice ...

Video: Toli beach, practice of ding bu quan (qi gong)