taiji quan & nei gong

Eqilibre is a Belgian association whose mission is to provide the benefits of practicing taiiji quan from individuals and businesses.

The Taijiquan is an ancient discipline based on a fundamental model of balance resulting from Chinese philosophy. Its impact on physical and mental well-being has been demonstrated by numerous studies. The practice of taiji quan invites to abstract the "yang mode" (action, activity, speech), valued by our culture and causing malfunctions of any nature: stress, insomnia, muscular blockages, depression, etc. By bringing awareness to the body and breathing, taijiquan rebalances energy balance between active and passive energy. This results in increased vitality and better "economy" thereof.

Why taiji quan
For years we have experimented in the context of critical business functions, the impact of the practice of taiji quan on our overall wellbeing. Thus, we found that this traditional technique perfectly meets a common need our contemporaries: (re) find the essential balance to manage complex and changing expectations of society. Taiji quan practitioners, massage and Reconnection®, we put our expertise to work for any organization sensitive to the well-being of its employees and its customers.

Our approach

As a partner wellness, we offer a set of solutions "turnkey" or customized to:
- Support your "wellness" policy and support your corporate culture
- Improve the performance of your employees
- Retain your staff and your customers
- Maintain your brand image

According to your expectations, we intervene:
- Regularly in your "wellness" policy
- An ad hoc basis in the animation of events
- As a preferred partner to serve your customers (hotels and clubs)

The taiji quan in Business - why?

The consequences of dissatisfaction and job stress are identified: fatigue, depression and illness, neglect, lack of concentration, lack of motivation and team spirit, turnover, absenteeism. In 2006, the Federal Public Service Employment estimated the cost of absenteeism related to stress some 300 million euros!
A policy of well-being and stress management is a must for profitability and brand image of your organization.

How can the well-being of your employees?

By placing practicing in "off mode", the taiji can restore a balance between rest and action. In this way, it reduces the against-productive effects of hyperactivity: lack of motivation, decreased concentration and performance.
Some highlights: the effect of the practice of taiji quan is a paradox: the body is both stimulated and relaxed, the mind both alert and relaxed. Ideal to work efficiently throughout the day!

Choose a proven and effective approach

"A sequence of movements of taiji quan corresponds to an aerobic activity such as a walk briskly done ... without the constraints of outdoor movement, without the need of a space or any special equipment. "P. Jin," Efficacy of Tai Chi, brisk walking, meditation and reading in mental and emotional stress Reducing "Journal of psychosomatic Research, 1992, 36, p. 361-370)
His group practice promotes cohesion and collaboration. The model of taiji quan suggests complementarity rather than opposition. This attitude calls to preserve his energy and promotes a state of mind conducive to constructive relations, productive and non-confrontational.