taiji quan & nei gong

Taiji quan options
For an hour, a day, a week ...

Break in a day seminar / work (1h)

Ideal before lunch (but profitable at any time of day), this bracket is a series of Taoist breathing exercises for you to get your tone and relax informally.
As you approach your afternoon seminar / work with peace of mind by having regenerated energy. Convenient: no equipment needed; you only have to remove their shoes and have a little space.


Learn to optimize energy and manage stress (1/2 day or 1 day)

During this workshop, you will learn different techniques to optimize your energy and manage stress. These exercises, where attention is firmly directed to the body, are covered in a fun and relaxed way.
- Awareness each participant to its "energy blockages" to bring it to restore (or maintain) its vitality and manage stress
- Learn the basic techniques of taiji quan, qi gong and Taoist health exercises
- Ability to pursue individual practice taiji quan to manage its balance independently
Convenient: no equipment needed; you only have to remove their shoes and have a little space.

One-week course in the sun Symi

We invite you to Symi, wonderful Greek island located about fifty minutes by boat from Rhodes.
On site, we have special agreements with a hotel with a capacity of accommodation for large groups but also a fully equipped seminar room and a beautiful terrace reserved to the practice of taiji quan. View programs where you can combine taiji quan, qi qong, Massage, the Dynamic Relaxation Therapy, Meditation, Yoga ... perfect for fitness and recharge your batteries!

Depending on your needs

The taiji quan is also a gesture of art. By their formal beauty, movements of this martial dance are a delight for the eye. A demonstration of taiji quan punctuate charm with an incentive, team building and other events.

Your benefits

This offer is not exhaustive. We can create customized solutions according to your budget, the time you have and your specific needs.
Quick solution: we can intervene within 3 days of your call.