taiji quan & nei gong

Thierry Costa

I teach taiji quan and qi gong for almost 15 years. It is in Lyon, in 2018, that I met Sihing Andy Mack, during a workshop organized by Julien Desbordes (HME Lyon) and a few months later I had the chance to follow the course of Sifu Adam Mizner in Brussels. I was immediately impressed by this Sifu, not only the power of his taiji quan, his energy, but also his humility, his kindness, his way of teaching, to share ... on my way home the first evening I thought, "Wow, this is really a Master!"
My school, Eqilibre, is today very proud to be affiliated with Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts International.

Previously I followed for many years the two disciples of Master Ip Tai Tak, John Ding (Uk), to begin, then for several years I followed the teaching of Bob Boyd (Usa), I was certified Master Teacher in Snake Style in 2017 and a little later, when I was asked to become Master Boyd's second disciple, I left this lineage.

I like everything related to energy and art in general, I am often called an artist: martial artist, artistic photographer (my first job), life artist ... I also practice reconnective healing®

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