taiji quan & nei gong

Thierry Costa

Born March 8, 1964 in Namur, divorced, father of two grown daughters.

Human training

Increasingly attracted, amazed by everything related "energy", it was natural that I find myself one day in a course of taiji, that's how I started with Nathalie. Two years later, Greg asked me if I did not want to attend and give classes in some fitness centers, it was an opportunity for me to share my modest knowledge in the field and especially the need to improve me constantly .

I take great pleasure to participate in many seminars, it allows to exchange, meet people from different backgrounds while continuing to enrich its own taiji quan.

In 2008, I discovered a different form: the "Snake Style" and I am pleased today to share this experience with my students.

Share, flow energy, provide welfare, continue to learn from other practitioners. Do good and have fun and show that taiji is not just "something trendy, in tune with the times", but it can contribute to the improvement of quality of life, mental and physical health and well-being.

Other attractions:
Photography, webdesign (www.webpicture.net), but also massages, meditation, travel, discovery, taiji quan seminars in company ...

Reference personal milestones:
Merkaba Meditation Training
Practitioner of Reconnective Healing, training by Eric Pearl (www.lareconnexion.be)
Discover taiji quan with Nathalie (Eqilibre)
Private lessons with Gregory (Eqilibre)
Workshops and classes with Master Ding (UK and B)
Level One Instructor Training with Master Ding

Private classes with Sasha Krysztofiak and Bernadette Cartrysse (Snake Style)
Seminars with Master Boyd (Germany, Belgium, France)
Instructor Training with Master Boyd (Usa)
Integration in the "Master Teacher" program with Master Boyd
Seminars organization dedicated to teachers with Master Boyd, Greece