taiji quan & nei gong

Sascha Klenke

Born June 9 1969 in Germany, married, father of a 8 year old boy.

Working for more than 14 years in positions of Sales & Marketing large companies (Liechtenstein Hilti Corporation, Kone and Schindler) I lived the life of a modern International Manager: one week in England to prepare a bid for a public tender, the following in China for the launch of a new product for the Asian markets.
It is a life full of concessions, accept the separation from family and friends, constantly used to the hours and shift to different climates ...
Taiji quan and qi gong are, in this context, not only the tools from a distant culture to maintain balance, but a philosophy of life itself. Stimulating circulation of energy is part of the daily routine as well as breakfast or reading stories when I put my son to bed.

The practice of taiji quan "Snake Style" brought me benefits on several levels:
- Zen Attitude: seeing things as they are, with more capacity to the small problems of life aside.
- Physical health: measuring over 2 meters, an office job with long hours in front of the computer or in meeting rooms is certainly not ideal for a quite fragile back. After almost 3 years of practice of "Snake Style" I got flexibility and strength in my body I feel the blessings of the day.

I always liked teaching courses and training (more than 10 years as a tennis coach in Germany and responsible for sales training in many of my positions in the company).
Share the secrets of taiji quan and qi gong with you will be a pleasure not only for you but for myself.

Other attractions:
Sports in general (jogging, swimming, sailing, fitness, cycling), autogenous training, cooking, traveling and practice of foreign languages ​​(we're talking 4-5 at home each day).

Reference personal milestones:
Practitioner "Autogenic Training" (relaxation method to self-hypnosis developed by the German doctor Johannes Heinrich Schulz in the early 20th century) since 1984.
Taiji training "Tiger Style" in Manchester and London, England between 1997 and 2002.
Taiji training "Snake Style" with Costa Thierry since 2009 (collective and individual classes).
Regular seminars with Master Boyd in Belgium and Germany since 2009.