Taiji quan & qi gong

Jacques Gossart
My passion for history, facing the study of ancient Oriental civilizations, naturally led me to the discovery and deepening of the great religions of the Far East, and "gymnosophies" associated with it. This is how I first practiced various Japanese martial arts: first judo, aikido and then goshindo. In 1994, I started studying taiji quan, whose subtlety and holistic dimension were immediately seduced me. I attended different schools, both modern and traditional, before fixing my choice on the style of the Yang family, I practice for almost twenty years.

Teaching has always been at the heart of my activities. Convey what I received is one of my priorities and taiji quan teaching is for me a source of pleasure that I try to share.

Other attractions:
Writing, traveling, photography, music and ... my old profession of historian, writer and editor.

Reference personal milestones:
• Practice of Zen, first in the Zen Association of Belgium (soto zen master Deshimaru), then in the Kwan Um School of Zen (Zen Master Seung Sahn Korean).
• Japanese Martial Arts: CAM-Center Martial Arts (Judo and Goshindo); Belgian Aikikai (aikido).
• Taiji quan: different teachings, including those of Wang Nan (CESAM) and Master Chu King Hung and Ding Teah Chean (John Ding) - Training Instructor "Level one" with Master Ding - instructor at the taiji academy in 2007 2011
- Master classes with Bob Boyd and Thierry Bae
- Workshops and regular practice with Thierry Costa.